Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals and Resolutions: or 30 Before 30

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Hello 2014!

New Year's Day is secretly one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because I love beginnings. Everyday is a new beginning - a fresh start - and New Year's Day triply so (New Day, New Month, New Year). The only thing better is when New Year comes on a Monday - Quadruple threat. 

And of course a new year leads to the ever popular "New Year's Resolutions."

Well, not me this year or at least not the normal resolution list. Again, you ask why (or maybe I ask why... somebody somewhere is asking why right now.) Well, first a short story:

Two months ago,  I turned 29. When I graduated from college, 29 seemed so far away, 30 even farther. And now I find myself sitting on the brink of the far away age thinking, where the hell did the last six years go??? 

Since graduating, I entered the Army, worked at a prison, oversaw an 8 million dollar construction project, deployed to the Middle East and helped close out the Army mission in Iraq, lived through the hottest most miserable Missouri summer ever, and moved to Japan. 

Also in this time I broke up with my most serious boyfriend to date, and haven’t had a date since 2008. I’ve lost friends and gained nieces, nephews, and cousins. I’ve put almost 70,000 miles on Jayne the Jeep, and fell in love with my SuperLow Harley Sportster, Malcolm (I know, Jayne the Jeep and Mal the Motorcycle - yeesh). I’ve met some superbly awesome people, and some extraordinarily bad people. I ran my first half-marathon with my sister, my Battle Buddy, and my best friend (and by ran I mean, finished…at over 3 hours). 

So for the past six years, I’ve really just been going with the flow. I’ve made some goals, written them down, even blogged about them to try and keep myself accountable. Um…this did not work, but I am nothing if not persistent crazy. So I'm going to try again.

So since I’m hitting the milestone age this year, I’ve decided that I am going to A) try to keep up with the goals, and B) try the 30 before 30 challenge. 30 goals before I turn 30. 

So, let us begin: ***cue motivating music and montage***

1. Get more involved in church.

2. Read the Bible.

3. Live more intentionally (which is also my One Little Word for 2014 - post upcoming).

4. Climb Mount Fuji.

5. Focus on my health and fitness.

6. Finish one of my many workout programs (P90X, Insanity, Spartacus) all the way through.

7. Figure out a good nail care routine (aka try some of those mani/pedis I've been pinning on Pinterest!)

8. Do an unassisted dead hang pull up.

9. Start developing a yoga practice.

10. Improve my guitar skills.

11. Improve my Japanese.

12. Prepare to apply for a Master's Program.

13. Get the gifts and cards out to my family on time.

14. Join a group outside of base (sports team, TokyoGaijins, something)

15. Finish my Novel.

16. Project 365.

17. Learn to use my camera.

18. Learn to sew.

19. Finish a scrapbook.

20. Learn to knit or crochet.

21. Take a Christmas photo somewhere unexpected.

22. Cannonball read: 100 books this year.

23. Finish and post at least 12 blog posts this year; at least one a month.

24. Marathon watch the Godfather Trilogy, The LOTR Trilogy, and the Star Wars Hexalogy.

25. See someplace new every month.

26. Master a bold wing tip.

27. Switch to unpaper towels and cloth napkins.

28. Decorate my apartment (I've been here a year and it's still not really decorated.)

29. Get a lot more organized.

30. Learn financial planning.

So happy New Year and good luck out there with your New Year's Resolutions!
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