Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project 365, Week 8

I started out this week...very 3 in the morning on Sunday morning early...with a 6 am 13.1 mi run. My first half marathon! And they were right, I am hooked on races! I am already planning my next half marathon and my next few shorter runs. I'm also planing on completing a Disney Coast to Coast challenge next year. Good times are ahead!

So on to week 8:

[Project 365/57]
Running to the castle.

[Project 365/58]
Hogwarts behind the Jurassic Park Gates...your argument is invalid.

[Project 365/59]
From sunny Florida to gloomy Kansas City.

[Project 365/60]
Interesting light play.

[Project 365/61]
The first bug splat of the year...ew...

[Project 365/62]
Sleet, sleet, Go away...

[Project 365/63]
Sparkly, shiny, pretty Harley!

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