Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project 365, Week 8

So first I was sick, then I went to Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon, so I decided to do weeks 7 and 8 at the same time since I wouldn't have time at the end of week 7.

Isn't that a convenient excuse ;D

I decided to go ahead and split them up into two post to make it a faster load so here's week 7:

[Project 365/50]
Sick day spent organizing my books. The only thing organized in my apartment right now.

[Project 365/51]
Finally getting rid of the Stargate Collection boxes.

[Project 365/52]
A little bit crafty today!

[Project 365/53]
Sunrise behind me.

[Project 365/54]
Low clouds over Kansas fields.

[Project 365/55]
Giraffes off the patio at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

[Project 365/56]
Packet pick up day - getting ready for the Disney Princess Half Marathon

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