Monday, March 5, 2012

Monthly Goals

So at the beginning of last month I decided to start posting my monthly goals each month in an attempt to have some sort of accountability. So I guess that means I have to let y'all know how I did...

I don't want to...

But I will...

February Goals:

- Log 60 miles running: Not even close... However I did complete the half marathon! (Sorry, just trying to justify my fail...)
- Limit my soda intake to one a day (not too bad during the week, but on the weekends... this has really become a bad habit.) I honestly don't remember how I did here, so I'm going to say this was a "eh-"
- Take lunch to work three times per week: Absolutely rocked this one! I think I'm well on the way to making this a habit!

- Organize and catalog movies: Got a great start here. I'm just waiting for some more DiscSox and I'm still trying to find a cataloging program I like. I'm going to chalk this up as a success, but it's a success that is still a WIP.
- Create boxes to organize movies: This became moot when I realized my new set up would let me store all my DVDs in wooden crates I already had. WOOT!

- Make cookies for Valentines: Success! I made strawberry champagne and strawberry moscato cookies and took them to work. I think they disappeared in about ten minutes!
- Decorate the mantle for Valentines: YAY! Another Success!
- Make a wreath for Valentines: And another!

- Finish four layouts: Nope...le sigh...
- One Little Word ("Do") canvas: Another Nope.

Major Monthly Program:
- Refinish Wally-World Bookshelves (Wood filler, Sand, Paint, maybe line the back with fun fabric) So I thought about doing this - once.

Overall - not great, but not too shabby either. I succeeded in about half and completing the half marathon gets me one step closer to checking a dream off my bucket list (half marathon before a full and all). I am not disappointed. But I do think I may have set the bar too high? Too many goals perhaps in what I knew would be a busy month. Trying to keep that in mind, here are my goals for March:

- Log 60 miles running (*I absolutely believe I can do this! Plus I need to train for my next race!)
- Drink more water (which should help with the soda addiction)

- Declutter and descope the amount of stuff I have. (I'm moving again soon and I don't want to have to unpack all this stuff...)

- Baked goods for St Patrick's Day

- Work on my half marathon layout (while it's still fresh. Plus this may be the perfect kick start)
- One Little Word ("Do") canvas (ironic that my OLW project is not done yet?)

Major Monthly Project:
- Refinish Wally-World Bookshelves (Still the project at the top of my list)

Good luck to me!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project 365, Week 8

I started out this week...very 3 in the morning on Sunday morning early...with a 6 am 13.1 mi run. My first half marathon! And they were right, I am hooked on races! I am already planning my next half marathon and my next few shorter runs. I'm also planing on completing a Disney Coast to Coast challenge next year. Good times are ahead!

So on to week 8:

[Project 365/57]
Running to the castle.

[Project 365/58]
Hogwarts behind the Jurassic Park Gates...your argument is invalid.

[Project 365/59]
From sunny Florida to gloomy Kansas City.

[Project 365/60]
Interesting light play.

[Project 365/61]
The first bug splat of the year...ew...

[Project 365/62]
Sleet, sleet, Go away...

[Project 365/63]
Sparkly, shiny, pretty Harley!

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Project 365, Week 8

So first I was sick, then I went to Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon, so I decided to do weeks 7 and 8 at the same time since I wouldn't have time at the end of week 7.

Isn't that a convenient excuse ;D

I decided to go ahead and split them up into two post to make it a faster load so here's week 7:

[Project 365/50]
Sick day spent organizing my books. The only thing organized in my apartment right now.

[Project 365/51]
Finally getting rid of the Stargate Collection boxes.

[Project 365/52]
A little bit crafty today!

[Project 365/53]
Sunrise behind me.

[Project 365/54]
Low clouds over Kansas fields.

[Project 365/55]
Giraffes off the patio at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

[Project 365/56]
Packet pick up day - getting ready for the Disney Princess Half Marathon

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