Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Decorating

All last year I scoured the internet searching (and of course, Pinning) ideas for mantles and wreaths and other holiday decorations. This is the first holiday I have been able to decorate for since getting back, so I definitely wanted to go all out.

Yes, I know the TV is in front of the fireplace. It's electric and doesn't work very well. And with the weather so warm I don't need it. But mostly, it didn't fit anywhere else. The photo collage heart was inspired by this heart. I like it so much, I may leave it up permanently :) *Update: I just realized how off center it is...hmmm...

These canvases were my first attempt at painting on canvas - ever. I then did the "Love" heart out of yarn (inspired by this one). The other one is plastic packaging, cut like a heart with satin ribbon wound around the edge.
The roses are wrapped in the same satin ribbon and the heart is a ring I found at Target in the dollar spot. Yay target!!!

I really, really wanted to do a topiary. So I pinned a whole bunch of paper cut hearts to a styrofoam ball. My favorite part of this was the stick. I didn't want to go buy a dowel and I couldn't find any regular pencils, so I took the sponge off one of those sponge paintbrushes you can get at craft stores for like 5 cents, wrapped in in ribbon and shoved it in to a hole in the ball.
The rest of the stuff is more dollar spot stuff and some ribbons. The frame was a larger purchase, but I know it will get used a lot.

Finally, the wreath. I have had this heart wreath probably since I moved to Kansas, and possibly before. It's been that long since I bought it. I wrapped it in ribbon I had and glued on some flowers I got at Hobby Lobby on sale - and I only burned myself once. I'm getting so much better at glue guns!

Can't wait to see what the rest of blogland does for Valentine's Day decor!

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