Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 365, Weeks 3 and 4 (Beware, Photo Heavy)

My apologies. I haven't had internet for two weeks. It has been kinda hard :) But, it did not stop me from continuing with my daily photos. So here they are, Project 365, weeks 3 and 4.

[Project 365/15]
Browsing the greens at Charming Charlies.

[Project 365/16]
So many boxes, so little time.

[Project 365/17]
One shelf up, three shelves to go.

[Project 365/18]
The kitchen cupboards, all organized and pretty.

[Project 365/19]
Making headway.

[Project 365/20]
My New Toy - all so I can play Just Dance 3.

[Project 365/21]
The living room complete...the first room done.

[Project 365/22]
Ready to get back to work.

[Project 365/23]
Icy River

[Project 365/24]
Frost covered planes along the Missouri River.

[Project 365/25]
Two ceremonies in one day - awards and change of command - so good, but bittersweet.

[Project 365/26]
I grow concerned when my movie comes with a user manual.

[Project 365/27]
I see this almost everyday on my way home. Trains are so cool!

[Project 365/28]
Internet and cable - finally!!!

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