Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project 365 - Week 1

I decided that I really really wanted to participate in Project 365 this year, especially since I have this wonderful new iPhone and it has Instagram. If you have an iPhone and don't have Instagram, you are so missing out. Even more so if you want to take those neat artsy photos but don't know how like me! Instagram makes it easy!!! It even makes it easy to share. I have mine linked to Facebook, Twitter and my Flickr account. I take a shot, apply a filter, decide where and who I want to share this with, and send it. Amazingly simple and it makes me look like I know what I am doing with my camera!

I loved the idea of sharing my Project 365 photos at the end of each week, I just happened to forget last Saturday evening - mostly because my girlfriends and I were crafting, playing games and enjoying a glass of wine (and, in my case, not really enjoying a can of wine - no really, it was wine in a can). Better late than never right? So without further ado, Shamrock Pie's 2012 Project 365 - Week One:

[Project 365 - 1]
My most adorable niece lined up her toy manger figures. Totally reminded me of Las Posadas - perfect ending for the holiday season! (Please note Tow Mater is there too!)

[Project 365-2]
This is what is known as "Big Texas Hair."

[Project 365-3]
Purse from Marshalls

[Project 365 - 4]
Wine bottle fountain at Copelands in San Antonio.

[Project 365 - 5]
I love cooking with wine...sometimes I even put it in the food!

[Project 365 - 6]
Got a free upgrade from tall to grande at Starbucks! My lucky day!

[Project 365 - 7]
These Christmas decorations at Mi Tierra in downtown San Antonio are the very essence of the culture here! Bright vibrant and wonderfully over the top! I love it and miss it so much!

That's it for week one! Here's hoping week two is a little more...on time?

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