Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolutions and One Little Word

I spent the first week of January trying to decide on what my New Year's Resolutions would be (you know in between trying to get back on an American sleep schedule, spending time with nieces and nephew, eating every chance I got and playing on my new iPad - Murphy). Then, instead of posting here (as one of my resolutions would have me do) I procrastinated. Lucky me, that procrastination led to a decision to change from set, defined resolutions to something I think I can handle better and will open up more opportunity for goals for me.

I decided in lieu of resolutions this year, I only wanted to participate in One Little Word given over at Big Picture classes by Ali Edwards. My word for this year:


I am a planner - a trait I'm pretty sure I inherited from my mother. I love to make lists and jot down ideas and make goals for things I want to do. I'm not great at the following through part though. I'm hoping this year, by focusing on one word, I can accomplish what I want to accomplish!


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