Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Place

I signed for my new apartment on this past Monday.

It's really cute and cozy and has so much potential! Too bad I won't be here long. After I signed for my apartment, I went on post to talk to the transportation office about getting my property released and delivered, but, because the same company is storing and moving a whole lot of Soldiers from Fort Riley right now, I can't get my stuff until this coming Monday. No Skyrim until!

Quick walkthrough of the new place. You walk in from either the outside or the garage into the stairway that leads up to the living area. I'm thinking a small bench so I can sit and take off my shoes and store them underneath? I have the coffee table my cousin gave me when she moved two summers ago that I used as a bench in my condo, but never actually re-purposed.

This is the kitchen view from the stairs. The sink and a little bit more counter space is on the right. I just didn't get it because the physical zoom for my iPhone (i.e. my ability to walk backwards) stopped at the wall behind me. Deciding what is essential to keep out on the counter could be fun (or frustrating...we'll see). Although, I think as long as I can fit my Keurig and my toaster oven up there, I'll be happy.

Here's the living room/dining area from the sliding door to the balcony. The dining area near the kitchen will have a table (either my glass dining set or my oak table with its one chair) and I'm back and forth about setting my IKEA 5x5 Cube EXPEDIT along the longer wall facing the stairs or in my guest bedroom.

And this is the living area from the top of the stairs. Since my oak table acts as my craft table and my guest room is my craft room too (and my guest room is really small), I figure that if I want an actual guest room where I can set up a real bed (or in my case, really nice blow up mattress), I can't have my oak table set up unless its my dining room table. I'm not particularly fond of my glass dining set, but the craft table only has one chair. And if I leave the oak table in pieces down in my garage, I'll actually do the whole refinishing thing (back to my OLW for 2012, right?).

The living area will have my couch, chair and either my coffee table or my steamer trunk. Although, if I leave the steamer trunk in the garage, it too may finally get refinished. I'm hoping my TV fits on the mantle. I also have three tall Walmart bookshelves and a small 3-shelf bookshelf that my grandfather made in shop class when he was in high school that need homes somewhere.

And because I like this view, you get to see it too!

While I wait (and because I need to figure out what furniture will fit upstairs and what needs to stay in the garage) I'm going to do some layouts with masking tape. I'm so excited about getting to decorate and set up a new place!!!

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