Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year and I'm Back!

So Happy New Year!!! Here's hoping the next one is wonderful and spectacular! This was going to be done when I got back from Iraq, but I a) got lazy, b) got busy and c) got sorta OCD. I didn't want to start a new blog in the middle of the last month of the year. Especially when the next one started on the first day of the week! I'm back! I'm back! And thank GOD I'm an American!!! I have missed the states and the people here!

I decided that I really wanted my Blog name and the address to match, thus the address change. I know its a little CDO, but it makes me happy and that is all that really counts. It's not like I have a slew (or any for that matter) followers. At least none who aren't close, personal family and friends. And I don't image they really care...especially since, I'M BACK!!! *Insert continuous row of faces with giant smiles*

I actually spent the last year reorganizing and working on the new blog design in preparation.

Okay, so I spent the last year planning on reorganizing and working on the new design in preparation...then got help from My Style Backgrounds. Someday I'll figure the whole blog design thing out. Honestly, it's on the list!

I read a lot of blogs and I still don't exactly get what keeps me engaged with some while others I subscribe to then never read again. I know the blog gurus all say that you must pick something to blog about, something definite - a niche if you will- and stick to it. The occasional off topic post is okay, but blogs full of randomness don't really fly with the blog-o-meisters. But I like the random ones. I don't always want to read the same thing over and over. And while yes, I get a LOT out of the blogs dedicated to organizing, homemaking, crafting, writing - whatever the genre - I still like the random ones better... So in lieu of picking a niche, I think I'm going to put in here whatever strikes my fancy and let it sort itself out, or not, at it will.

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