Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals and Resolutions: or 30 Before 30

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Hello 2014!

New Year's Day is secretly one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because I love beginnings. Everyday is a new beginning - a fresh start - and New Year's Day triply so (New Day, New Month, New Year). The only thing better is when New Year comes on a Monday - Quadruple threat. 

And of course a new year leads to the ever popular "New Year's Resolutions."

Well, not me this year or at least not the normal resolution list. Again, you ask why (or maybe I ask why... somebody somewhere is asking why right now.) Well, first a short story:

Two months ago,  I turned 29. When I graduated from college, 29 seemed so far away, 30 even farther. And now I find myself sitting on the brink of the far away age thinking, where the hell did the last six years go??? 

Since graduating, I entered the Army, worked at a prison, oversaw an 8 million dollar construction project, deployed to the Middle East and helped close out the Army mission in Iraq, lived through the hottest most miserable Missouri summer ever, and moved to Japan. 

Also in this time I broke up with my most serious boyfriend to date, and haven’t had a date since 2008. I’ve lost friends and gained nieces, nephews, and cousins. I’ve put almost 70,000 miles on Jayne the Jeep, and fell in love with my SuperLow Harley Sportster, Malcolm (I know, Jayne the Jeep and Mal the Motorcycle - yeesh). I’ve met some superbly awesome people, and some extraordinarily bad people. I ran my first half-marathon with my sister, my Battle Buddy, and my best friend (and by ran I mean, finished…at over 3 hours). 

So for the past six years, I’ve really just been going with the flow. I’ve made some goals, written them down, even blogged about them to try and keep myself accountable. Um…this did not work, but I am nothing if not persistent crazy. So I'm going to try again.

So since I’m hitting the milestone age this year, I’ve decided that I am going to A) try to keep up with the goals, and B) try the 30 before 30 challenge. 30 goals before I turn 30. 

So, let us begin: ***cue motivating music and montage***

1. Get more involved in church.

2. Read the Bible.

3. Live more intentionally (which is also my One Little Word for 2014 - post upcoming).

4. Climb Mount Fuji.

5. Focus on my health and fitness.

6. Finish one of my many workout programs (P90X, Insanity, Spartacus) all the way through.

7. Figure out a good nail care routine (aka try some of those mani/pedis I've been pinning on Pinterest!)

8. Do an unassisted dead hang pull up.

9. Start developing a yoga practice.

10. Improve my guitar skills.

11. Improve my Japanese.

12. Prepare to apply for a Master's Program.

13. Get the gifts and cards out to my family on time.

14. Join a group outside of base (sports team, TokyoGaijins, something)

15. Finish my Novel.

16. Project 365.

17. Learn to use my camera.

18. Learn to sew.

19. Finish a scrapbook.

20. Learn to knit or crochet.

21. Take a Christmas photo somewhere unexpected.

22. Cannonball read: 100 books this year.

23. Finish and post at least 12 blog posts this year; at least one a month.

24. Marathon watch the Godfather Trilogy, The LOTR Trilogy, and the Star Wars Hexalogy.

25. See someplace new every month.

26. Master a bold wing tip.

27. Switch to unpaper towels and cloth napkins.

28. Decorate my apartment (I've been here a year and it's still not really decorated.)

29. Get a lot more organized.

30. Learn financial planning.

So happy New Year and good luck out there with your New Year's Resolutions!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Something Worked!!!

I started writing this post on August 1st, but I'm not sure why I stopped. It's been over a month since I last posted. And I felt so down last month. I felt like a giant blob (which translated to me berating myself about how lazy and will-power-less and pathetic I was being.)  I knew that I needed to change something, so apparently I did.

I spent the weekend in San Antonio celebrating my youngest niece's first birthday and hanging out with family and friends. (P.S. When I weighed myself the following Monday, I was a buck sixty...damn...) I came back with determination that I don't know I've ever felt before.

I decided the path would be to try to simply eat clean. First, I cut out all sugar except honey and the occasional addition of flavored creamer to my coffee in the morning. I also decided to cut out all fast food or fried food and limit my processed carb and starch intake. I'm still working on the carb and starch thing, but the limited sugar/no fast food/fried food thing apparently was just what I needed to kickstart myself.


Current Measurements
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 151 (-6.5)
BMI: 27.7 (-1.2)
Waist: 28.75" (-1.25")
Hips: 40 (-.5")
 Body Fat Comp: 31 (-1%)
Dress Size: 10 (I think...)

Something worked :)

Although I think the most important part of this is that I feel infinitely better! Not just how I look. I feel energized and healthy and good about the stuff I am putting into my body. It's a great feeling.

But now here's my dilemma - I am kind of afraid to eat any sugary treats. I know that when I eat sugary treats, I have a major problem stopping. I have killed half jars of Nutella in one sitting more than once. Bad mojo dude. So now I am afraid that I will completely overdo it if I try to eat a treat, then I will go through the withdrawal that I dealt with the first week of this new life plan and I'll feel like a failure and then I'll eat some more and so on and so forth. Yes...I know...I am definitely an emotional eater... No bueno when I also love to cook.
My health goals for this month? Get into a habit of working out after work. And do some yoga...definitely need some yoga...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Time to Change

I've been eating much healthier since getting to Fort Leonard Wood. Having a roommate that a) is willing to try any of my crazy cooking attempts and b) will totally clean up the kitchen after has made cooking at home for dinner a pleasure. I even tend to have food leftover for lunch the next day. But it's not working.

 I have reduced hitting fast food joints to like once a week (amazing for me!) and now I'm working out everyday in the mornings for PT. But it's not working.

It's been two months and I fluctuate 2 lbs. Back and forth and back and forth. It's not working.

So it's time to try something else.

I'm not sure what yet.

I've been researching eating Paleo (but I don't know if I am ready to give up my bread, especially since I have just gotten interested in Artisan breads). I've also looked at high-protien, moderate-carb, low fat but in researching Paleo, I don't like the "low fat" part...

I need to make a change though, that's all I really know.

So here's to change.

This is me today:


Current Measurements
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 157.5
BMI: 28.9
Waist: 29.5"
Hips: 40.5"
 Body Fat Comp: 32%
Dress Size: 10

I've finally gotten the guts to put these up on the webernetz. I've done the photo thing several times, but never shown the results in public. So here it is and here I am. I am now being held accountable.

This change will happen.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monthly Goals

So at the beginning of last month I decided to start posting my monthly goals each month in an attempt to have some sort of accountability. So I guess that means I have to let y'all know how I did...

I don't want to...

But I will...

February Goals:

- Log 60 miles running: Not even close... However I did complete the half marathon! (Sorry, just trying to justify my fail...)
- Limit my soda intake to one a day (not too bad during the week, but on the weekends... this has really become a bad habit.) I honestly don't remember how I did here, so I'm going to say this was a "eh-"
- Take lunch to work three times per week: Absolutely rocked this one! I think I'm well on the way to making this a habit!

- Organize and catalog movies: Got a great start here. I'm just waiting for some more DiscSox and I'm still trying to find a cataloging program I like. I'm going to chalk this up as a success, but it's a success that is still a WIP.
- Create boxes to organize movies: This became moot when I realized my new set up would let me store all my DVDs in wooden crates I already had. WOOT!

- Make cookies for Valentines: Success! I made strawberry champagne and strawberry moscato cookies and took them to work. I think they disappeared in about ten minutes!
- Decorate the mantle for Valentines: YAY! Another Success!
- Make a wreath for Valentines: And another!

- Finish four layouts: Nope...le sigh...
- One Little Word ("Do") canvas: Another Nope.

Major Monthly Program:
- Refinish Wally-World Bookshelves (Wood filler, Sand, Paint, maybe line the back with fun fabric) So I thought about doing this - once.

Overall - not great, but not too shabby either. I succeeded in about half and completing the half marathon gets me one step closer to checking a dream off my bucket list (half marathon before a full and all). I am not disappointed. But I do think I may have set the bar too high? Too many goals perhaps in what I knew would be a busy month. Trying to keep that in mind, here are my goals for March:

- Log 60 miles running (*I absolutely believe I can do this! Plus I need to train for my next race!)
- Drink more water (which should help with the soda addiction)

- Declutter and descope the amount of stuff I have. (I'm moving again soon and I don't want to have to unpack all this stuff...)

- Baked goods for St Patrick's Day

- Work on my half marathon layout (while it's still fresh. Plus this may be the perfect kick start)
- One Little Word ("Do") canvas (ironic that my OLW project is not done yet?)

Major Monthly Project:
- Refinish Wally-World Bookshelves (Still the project at the top of my list)

Good luck to me!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project 365, Week 8

I started out this week...very 3 in the morning on Sunday morning early...with a 6 am 13.1 mi run. My first half marathon! And they were right, I am hooked on races! I am already planning my next half marathon and my next few shorter runs. I'm also planing on completing a Disney Coast to Coast challenge next year. Good times are ahead!

So on to week 8:

[Project 365/57]
Running to the castle.

[Project 365/58]
Hogwarts behind the Jurassic Park Gates...your argument is invalid.

[Project 365/59]
From sunny Florida to gloomy Kansas City.

[Project 365/60]
Interesting light play.

[Project 365/61]
The first bug splat of the year...ew...

[Project 365/62]
Sleet, sleet, Go away...

[Project 365/63]
Sparkly, shiny, pretty Harley!

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Project 365, Week 8

So first I was sick, then I went to Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon, so I decided to do weeks 7 and 8 at the same time since I wouldn't have time at the end of week 7.

Isn't that a convenient excuse ;D

I decided to go ahead and split them up into two post to make it a faster load so here's week 7:

[Project 365/50]
Sick day spent organizing my books. The only thing organized in my apartment right now.

[Project 365/51]
Finally getting rid of the Stargate Collection boxes.

[Project 365/52]
A little bit crafty today!

[Project 365/53]
Sunrise behind me.

[Project 365/54]
Low clouds over Kansas fields.

[Project 365/55]
Giraffes off the patio at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

[Project 365/56]
Packet pick up day - getting ready for the Disney Princess Half Marathon

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project 365, Week 7

Project 365 Week 7 iisss.... Late. Sorry peeps. I've been battling an icky since Thursday. Good thing I had a four day weekend. Great timing, right?

Anyway, here goes week 7 of Project 365!

[Project 365/43]
Ice cream with drizzly, smooth, lovely chocolate. It's healthy because it's actually "yogurt" and the chocolate syrup has calcium added to it.

[Project 365/44]
Little bit of a snow day, aka, late start at work :)

[Project 365/45]
Valentines Day and this is my newest love - Finnegan. I feel sorta bad, because I am introducing the world to my new Apple using the browser on my old Apple, Connor. But it's okay because Connor is going to live with my Sister and hopefully, we will be able to bring more of my family into the world of Apple.

[Project 365/46]
Breakfast of champions. Really it's the Fiji water that makes the meal.

[Project 365/47]
Made mocha chocolate chip brownies today in the hopes that they would make me feel better. While delicious, all they really did was make me kill a pan of myself. (I probably shouldn't admit that...)

[Project 365/48]
Finally tried my new ballet flats with my new skinny jeans!

[Project 365/49]
Spent part of today trying to make bread. This was before I put it in the oven, because I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished project. After I did this, I decided to Google breadmaking. Turns out I did it all wrong, but the bread still came out - you know - edible :) And it made my apartment smell fantastic.

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